Dear Diary,

I’m writing to you because, much like Trump appears to be in this blog’s main photo, I’m unsure of pretty much everything. What will happen now that Trump is president? What the hell is he doing in office? Has this ever happened before? Honestly, WTF. Now, I’m not so concerned about my own life. I’m thinking that won’t be affected too much, I won’t notice, and/or I’ve got my own problems and I’m not thinking Trump can help or hurt. But I’m concerned about the world. I’m concerned about the U.S. I’m concerned about other countries and their people. I’m subsequently concerned about anything anyone is concerned about. So, diary, yeah, that’s you, I just want you to know that, if I can do it, I’ll be writing about what Trump does. Maybe not everything, maybe not a lot. But hopefully a fair amount. I have trouble writing my thoughts. I have trouble speaking my mind, but less so than when I was younger. In fact, I was always concerned that someone would attack me, and since this started when I was so young, I’m not sure whether it’s learned behavior. However, I have a very hard time speaking my mind. I’m quite paralyzed by it. I’m even concerned whether someone will say I should have said paralysed or paralyzed. Ya know, the different spelling. However, I’ll do my best, and if I’m not writing sometimes, it’s likely because I’m just too scared. Mostly, it’s that. Sometimes it’s time, but usually fear.

I need to write about Trump because, when there’s no way to get him out of office, I think some people, myself included, start to rationalize, accept, go through the five stages of grief, etc, and they slowly start to look on the bright side. THAT CAN’T HAPPEN. We need to remember the bad things that Trump is doing. I need to know what’s going on. Otherwise, in four years (a long time from now), we’ll be looking for anyone better than Trump. That’s anyone, literally ANYONE. Looking around my room, I see, well, actually I see some guy on a stamp on an envelope someone sent me with a check in it, and I think that guy could be better than Trump. Also, what else do I see, a pair of jeans, a Disney Monopoly game, a tote bag, a sock, a Victoria’s Secret bag….I could go on, but all these people or things would be a better president than is Trump. Yet, much like the rationalization that South Koreans go through in their minds when living in a country with nukes that could reach their cerebral cortex in 30 seconds from North Korea and thus they have to stop fearing because it’s psychologically impossible to have that fear and continue living there day in and day out, I will probably rationalize that life will be okay with Trump in office. AGHHHHHH! And it’s already starting. I looked at the Carrier deal. Fuck, it’s okay, not the best, it’s this, it’s that. I’m okay with part of it, etc. I don’t know all the details, and I’m not sure, in this era, if we’ll ever get all the details, but the most important part is that I saw something that might be at least a little good and I was like “eh, alright, well, ya know, that’s good, I suppose,” reluctantly thinking that maybe Trump’s okay. FUCK! Honestly, the call with Taiwan is good. However, that’s the problem. I’ll see things like that and ignore other things. I mean, what happens in a few years if I think, well, we’re all fucked, but I’m a white male born in America so, eh. EH?! Is that really how I’ll respond? I hope not! But that’s rationalization. That’s how I’ve coped with so much. Dismissing something as not a big deal because I think I can’t fix it. I mean, I’ve grown up with so much that I just “eh” to most things. So, I’ve gotten better, but what happens here if Trump does something that I can’t change and outrage turns to exhaustion and them despondence and then depression and then the need to be happy about something and so then dismissiveness, ‘bright side’ thinking and everything “eh.” Whether that’s the plan or not, it could happen, and maybe to many people.

So, in closing, as you can see, this is my own words, and I’m writing somewhat how I talk and/or think, and I’m not focusing on grammar or the “right” words because that opens the door to self-criticism, which opens the door to permitting criticism from others to hurt me, and I don’t want to do that. It’ll paralyze me, and so I won’t write. But this is me. This is me writing about something. It’s terrifying, and I’m trying to do it.

I’ll try to treat this as a pros and cons list of sorts. In that, I mean that there will be something good about Trump. The Taiwan call. But I want to see if some cons today look an awful lot like pros a few years from now. If that’s the case, I’ve forgotten how good things could be if he weren’t around. If that pumpkin squash lookalike would have just stayed away, things would be going down a better path these days, and I need to remember that. Rather than decide that the country is gone. If I have to write to do that, I guess that’s it. So, I just wanna keep myself in check. There’ll be different things you can click on and possibly a signal that shows whether something is a pro or con. Certainly, there will be mention of whether a particular instance is a pro or con in the content of a diary entry, but there may even be a graphic or something. I don’t know.

I guess I write a lot, but I just want to make sure that the cons of today aren’t the pros of tomorrow simply because Hillary is no longer and option, the election is over, and we all stop being so sad and start accepting Trump and thinking ‘well, maybe he’s okay’ and ‘that EPA bullshit wasn’t the worst’ and ‘Aleppo? He destroyed it and killed countless lives from multiple countries, but wasn’t there a candidate that didn’t even know what Aleppo was? I guess it could be worse.’ I don’t want to think that way, but if I’m so sad about Trump, I might because I just don’t want to live an unhappy life. It’s no way to live, and it’s certainly not beneficial to other parts of my life.

So, I’ll try to keep myself in check, remembering what could have been, making sure that the cons of today don’t become the pros of tomorrow.


Electoral College



49 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I am glad we finally have someone in office that is not on the payroll of special interest, that speaks the truth. Most, especially the younger generation has many years of liberal indoctrination that is nothing like the way I was raised in the 50’s. I was not raised a Christian but follow Christ as an adult. I can’t imagine if I thought like the average liberal progressive. They seem hate filled and love to spread lies and propaganda to further their own Godless agenda. Don’t believe everything your hear or be “star-struck” just cause a celeb says something.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I support the lobbying ban. I think there should also be a temporary ban on allowing bank Wall Street executives to become Treasury officials.

      I’ve studying the issues for many years. Growing up in a swing state, I knew someone would disagree no matter what views I held. I wanted to learn for myself.

      It seems you’ve also paid close attention and came up with a different conclusion. Is it just freedom of religion that bothers you or is there something else you’d like to see?


  2. Thank you for following my blog. I didn’t know what to think at first when I read the name of your blog. I am 64 years old and I just never thought I would be seeing someone like this man in the white house . I will be following you blog to see what interesting posts you have.

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    1. Thank you. I didn’t expect it either. It’s even worse that his supporters aren’t happy either.

      Thank you for joining. I hope that you enjoy your time here. If you have additional information about any of my posts, I’d be happy to hear from you.


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. And yours: Wow. Depressing. Comical. Pinch me. Par for the course, our insane times, your crazy POTUS. I just don’t know how you bring yourself to document even more than sputters around the internet every single damn day. But, bless you for the courage and strength.

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    1. I understand your confusion. I prefer to spend my time studying something I don’t like. That way, we can figure out how to change it.

      I’m glad you’re having a good experience on my blog. I appreciate your support.

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  4. Thank you for following A Couple of Stars and a Happy Face! I hope you’ll be able to find a Smile or two to help ease some of your political anxieties – even if it’s only for the few moments you’re reading! 😉😉

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  5. The Deep State coup preparations are in full swing. A pop in the new economic bubbles (real estate, stocks, bonds, the careening dollar) will crash the economy and give the Establishment Crony Republicans the excuse they crave to join the billionaire-loving Establishment Crony Democrats in finishing off the COUP AGAINST THE ELECTORATE.

    Game not over though. I hope I’m not here. Besides the economic free fall that will make the Great Depression caused by the nationalization of the banking industry in 1917 look like prosperity, the political tensions will unleash. The economic catastrophe caused by the effects of the welfare-warfare state regime in full power mode after World War Two will provoke the vandalistic nihilists that burn buildings and attack conservative and Christian speakers, joining jihadists already here pretending to be peaceful, in the streets. They will go to full riot mode.

    Some agents provocateurs in the pay of Soros financed groups (they declare this sin, they hide it not) will then agitate the crowds for more violence.

    Attacks on “rightists” who believe in biological facts over sanity will be victims of attacks, and the “Media” will be shocked at their self-defense tactics. Just as when they blamed the Branch Davidians for the brutal depraved burning down of their home together with women and babies.



    1. I agree there are some economic issues, including escalating car loan defaults and untapped potential to create bonds backed by medical bill receivables.

      Can you explain more about the “biological facts” you mentioned.

      Feel free to express yourself here. Everyone is welcome.


    2. Biological facts: There are indisputable biological differences between the two sexes, including proven behavioral proclivities, are targets of vitriol and hate in many forums, especially in social media, and now increasingly in legislatures and courtrooms, driven by billionaire associations (and members of secret societies too, I have met some personally) that finance certain advocacy groups and even coups d’etat like in Ukraine.

      Their Neo-Brownshirts, gullibles, burn buildings on a campus, for example, where fellow students of different persuasions dare to invite well-known speakers.


  6. I’d like to thank you for following my blog, especially since, at least by reading your introduction, we seem on opposite ends of the American political expression. I’m glad to see people of different opinions than me reach out and glance at my blog–it gives me hope that there are people on both sides that are willing to talk and stop the animosity. As a college student, I see some of it among some of my peers as many people my age are liberals. I hope you find some enjoyment out of my content.

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    1. I wish it weren’t so surprising, but yes, I am interested. I genuinely want to know what the other side is thinking.

      If you can add anything beneficial to my readers, I’d be happy to hear from you.

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    2. Honestly, there are more tolerant people on both sides out there than the media lets on. (My best friend happens to be a liberal as a matter of fact.) As I discussed with come calculus classmates the night of the election (two liberals and an independent) is that people understand that there are bonafide reasons people take certain sides that should be considered before they are labeled haters or any of a menagerie of terms. In any case, I’m grateful for those on the other side who are interested like you are. It gives me a lot of respect for people such as yourself.

      Since you follow my blog now, you’ll be in the know. Feel free to reblog posts you find suitable for your purposes.

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    3. Thank you. I agree. I grew up in a swing state so I’m used to hearing it from all sides. I’ve also watched U.S. elections in multiple countries for research, including 2012 in China with about a thousand people, which sure was an experience.

      Your classmates seem to have a variety of views. Let them know they are welcome here and feel free to share any of my posts with them.

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    4. My state usually tends to be Republican, but it has swung Democratic before. The county I live in happens to be right next to one of the most liberal counties in the state, and I also live near a university at home, so I feel you. Given that and other things and that I’ve always found myself drawn to conservatism, it has proved to be an interesting exposure.

      Indeed. I’m not sure where some of the others and some of my college friends are yet, but if it comes up, I will keep it in mind.

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    5. Nothing like the riots at the really liberal West Coast schools, but in the week following the election, there were some chalkings (I don’t remember exactly what was written) on the ground making not-so-nice comments about Trump (and his voters). So, it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t too terrible.


    6. During the weekend of Trump’s inauguration, I was in downtown D.C. I couldn’t get back to my car because the military closed the street due to a suspicious vehicle. A cop helped me sneak into the garage through a backdoor, though.

      Personally, I was happy to see so many people sharing their views and standing up for their beliefs.

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    7. I’m all for sharing views and standing up for beliefs…it’s an integral part of the First Amendment…I just thought that what was written on the sidewalk was uncalled for. They were saying stuff like Trump was maggot food, etc. Even though I didn’t like Hillary, I wouldn’t have gone out and written stuff like that about her if she had one.


    8. I’ve definitely heard and read a lot. Both sides have said some hateful things. If it’s just words, it is what it is, but I’ve also been on the receiving end so I know how hurtful some speech can be.

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  7. Hello Ryan. I share your frustration. Being much older than you (68), I am all the more astounded at the election of Trump. After accepting the reality of the election, I realized that –in addition to online venting and communicating with like-minded family, friends and, yes, strangers–there would have to be actual good ol’ fashioned activism. Since Trumpov was elected, I have been to 30+ demonstrations, marches, rallies etc. Some were big. Some were small. Many, but not all, were organized by the Middle Tennessee Indivisible group. I have also begun to focus on Freedom of the Press and I am trying to do a small amount of public relations for a small, independent — and progressive — media outlet in town. This is all to say anyone who can needs to be online BUT ALSO in the outside flesh-and-blood world. You need to be on street corners near the offices of your representatives. You need to be in the streets. You need to be at organizational meetings. And we need to support kindred causes. I have shown up for LGBT causes, Pro-Obamacare, Anti-Trumpcare, DACA Dreamers, Moms Demand (gun safety), Women’s March (Jan. 21, 2017), Earth Day and climate change and others. The point is DO SOMETHING. To paraphrase Martin Luther King: If you can’t fly, run. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. The goal is to just keep moving forward. I understand people are busy with their own lives. But we should all do whatever can. And most importantly, DON’T DESPAIR/DO SOMETHING.

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    1. Thank you, Don. Activism is so important. Thank you for going to so many events. I’ve seen many protests here in D.C., but I’m happy to hear that there are many in Tennessee, as well.

      Protests also benefit people like me because they motivate me to keep writing. Half a million protesters at the women’s march really showed me how important it is to continue speaking out.

      Your public relations work sounds interesting. Thank you for doing such great work.

      I’m sure you have a lot of knowledge that can benefit everyone. If you want to contribute to any of my posts, I’d be happy to hear more from you!


  8. I was thinking about what you said about whether something like this has happened before, and in way, yes. More than once. Not precisely, because people are individuals and circumstances aren’t completely the same, but yes, people who were disillusioned with idealistic leaders who seemed out of touch with people’s daily struggles and desires have elected leaders with charismatic personalities, the friendly, good-old-boy kind who seemed like they would be fascinating to sit down and have a beer or play a game of poker with, who promised to bring their countries back to greatness through tax cuts and extreme pro-business stances. The problem is that I’ve never really liked those periods of history, and I like history.

    If you’ve never read Only Yesterday by Frederick Lewis Allen, check out the first few chapters, where he talks about the end of WWI and people’s disillusionment with President Wilson and the election of Warren G. Harding at the beginning of the 1920s. Some of the attitudes sound eerily familiar. People loved Harding at first, but after his death, they learned now riddled with corruption his administration really was. Harding died in office (apparent heart attack) and was succeeded by his Vice President, Calvin Coolidge. Coolidge cleaned up some of the corruption of Harding’s administration but continued his economic policies, which eventually contributed to the stock market crash at the end of the decade, leading to the Great Depression. That’s why I wouldn’t feel much better about Pence taking over if Trump leaves office.

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    1. By the way, Only Yesterday was published in 1931. The man who was writing it was talking about what was “only yesterday” for him, about events he had just witnessed during the 1920s. I mention that in case someone thinks that there could be any deliberate anti-Trump propaganda in it. Frederick Lewis Allen wrote the book before Trump was born. It just struck me that some of the attitudes of the times seem to be repeating themselves about 100 years later.

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    2. I often feel compelled to note the original publication date of a book because I don’t want someone to think it’s all lies. These times have happened before, and historians have written about it for a very long time.

      However, I am getting used to history repeating itself. By identifying the problem, we have a much better chance of coping with it, protecting ourselves, or even stopping it.


    3. Thank you. Even his supporters have lost hope. They were promised so many great things, and that’s not fair.

      You’re right. This isn’t new. Strategically, I’d much rather run against Trump in 2020. Pence would be harder to beat.

      You seem to know a lot about this. We can all benefit from having you here. If you can add any information to my other posts, I’d love to hear from you!


  9. Thank you for liking and following my blog. I know how you feel when you see someone you believe is unqualified to lead our country become president. That is how I felt when Obama became president. I did not like his politics from 15 years ago (which have not changed), so I did not vote for him. But I gave him a chance. And I watched him fail at making our country a strong, independent one. He should have chosen another career path. His eight years as POTUS broke my heart as a citizen. I was at the point of voting for anyone to see him replaced after his first term of office expired. Of the two major runners politics gave us after Obama’s final term, I decided against Clinton because she is dishonest and too similar to Obama for my taste. Like you, I am anxious and concerned since Trump became president. Good luck to your blog, to President Trump, and the very best of luck to our country. I am interested to see where we will be 4 years later.

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    1. Thank you, Steven. I feel so sorry that you got to that point. The last 8 years must have been really rough. It’s particularly disturbing that you’re still not getting what you want even now. I congratulated Trump supporters, thinking they could finally get what they wanted, but doesn’t seem to be the case, and that’s not fair.

      Wanting to vote for literally anyone else is one reason I’m writing this blog. There could be a strong urge to do that, especially after four years of Trump. However, that would just lower the bar and elect someone a little better than Trump when I really want someone WAY better than Trump.

      Over the next four years, I will keep track of what’s going on so that we can be as informed as possible when we listen to the 2020 campaigns. I want to remember how things were before Trump so we can find a candidate that will get us back to where we were.

      I hope you enjoy my blog. If you have additional information about any of my posts, I’d be happy to hear from you!

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    1. You can definitely help.

      Encourage Turnbull to push Trump into TPP. It’s more than economic. It’s strategic. It would improve efforts to enforce fair trade practices and freedom of navigation.


    1. Thank you, Karl. I received your e-mail. If you have any information you’d like to share publically, I think many people would benefit from what you have to say.


  10. First of all thank you for following horse addict. I am Canadian and cannot vote in the US and as such I feel it is best to keep my mouth shut on the topic of Trump at least to Americans. Many of us in Canada are very concerned about this Presidency because we all live in a connected world and Canada is very much affected by what happens in the US. I have now reached the point where I hope that there are still people in the US who will not fall silent and will make their voices heard when this President brings in orders and legislation that will make the US a very different place from the inclusive and forward thinking country I still hope it can be.

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    1. Would love to read more of your work. No need to keep your mouth shut. Our allies vote for our President, as well, by letting voters know what you’d do if we elect someone you like or don’t like. Please expressing your views. We need to know so we can interact with you in a cohesive way that enhances and grows our alliances with others. You’re correct that we’re losing ground to ignorance here. I’ve heard from many that I should just accept that we prefer to live in a dumb culture rather than share my intellect because they said they don’t want knowledge of any kind. Amazing, I know. However, we can, however few we are, keep fighting, keep educating, and keep winning. I hope you enjoy my site and keep returning for more. Next, I’ll be writing about Trump’s tweets and how they effect America.


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